"Training is 10/10, Michelle is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and gets you going-makes you believe there's nothing you can't do and that training is not about perfection but about progress- Michelle will get you to where you want to go-thanks Michelle for everything!! You are one in a million trainer".


I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. Prior to meeting Michelle I always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. I tried numerous other coaches and plans and I never found one that suited me. I could never motivate myself to train or to follow any diet. I’ve gained so much knowledge from Michelle which has helped me so much. She tailored a training program which suited me to the ground and for the first time ever I actually enjoyed
going to the gym! Before Michelle The diet was always my biggest downfall but she showed me how to keep eating the foods I like by making some small changes and monitoring calories and the results speak for themselves. She has allowed me to gain a new confidence and for that I am eternally grateful!


Wow! Little did I know 12 weeks training with Michelle would include an online workout schedule, nutritional advice, weekly check ins and day to day motivation and support.

I haven't got a home gym ... just 2 dumbbells and a few resistance bands to work with, but that was ok there were video tutorials for all of the exercises and I was able to adapt any workout to suit me at home with the limited equipment I had. I didn't have to train alone every day as Michelle held live classes every week so when a 5k run outside didnt suit me (I hate running!) I would do a live cardio class instead.

I didn't want to be put on a diet and be told not to drink wine for 12 weeks, I would never stick to that!! Instead Michelle set me a protein goal to meet every day which helped me adapt my diet with the overall aim of building muscle, not losing weight.
As well as hunger levels, Michelle also monitored my stress levels, sleeping patterns and supported me through the emotional rollercoaster we were all in during lockdown.

12 weeks on and I'm one happy lady!! I've actually lost 11lbs, feel fitter than I did before and most importantly feel so much happier about the way I look. Michelle I can't thank you enough, you have helped me achieve way more than I thought was possible in the circumstances we were in. Without your online training and continued support I wouldn't be feeling this happy, healthy and positive about reaching new goals. I would recommend anyone to train with you!


Success Stories

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