Welcome to Ripped fitness
I strive to promote a healthy lifestyle through simple nutrition, and to make training and exercise fun and enjoyable for everyone. Specialising in weight loss my aim is to get you to your goal by changing bad habits, creating new ones, building confidence and all while building a strong and healthy body.


Lets get ripped.



I have made all the mistakes, been through all those hard embarrassing times and I want to eliminate that for you. No matter what your fitness level I can design a program to suit you. I will give you the tools to understand nutrition and what is needed for long term success. I want everybody to feel happy and confident in their own body’s and learn to enjoy fitness, feel healthy and look amazing. 

7-Fitness Planning

Personal Training

All personal training packages are built to suit the individual. I specialise in weight loss for women and will build a tailored menu into each package. You will be fully accountable to me with check ins, weigh ins, steps and nutrition all monitored on my app.

10-Smartphone-Heart rate

Virtual Classes

Online classes are available throughout the week and at different time slots. No zoom link needed, just click and go all from the comfort of your own home. Minimal equipment needed and suitable for all levels. Just turn up the volume!

30-Time Fitness


The ultimate Reset, allow me to take you step by step though a 4 week reset of your nutrition, exercise, energy levels and change your mindset for the better.

15- Jumping rope

Studio Classes

I have joined forces with ocfitness to bring you the best range of studio classes just 5 mins from the city centre. Each class has been carefully designed to target all major muscle groups with big movements, mixing high intensity and resistance training using music to drive you through those really tough moves.

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